montméd is a Canadian manufacturer and distributor of high-quality medical devices within the areas of diabetes and self-care. Our philosophy is to make sure we offer “simple and unique innovations that make a difference” in the lives of peoples living with diabetes.


montméd is a Canadian company founded in 2011 in Montreal. montméd first started its commercial activities at international level. Canadian operations were launched in 2013 after a stringent process of recruitment, manufacturing and regulatory approvals. At montméd, we believe that health and well-being are the most precious things we have as human beings. This is why we made it our task to meet the everyday needs of individuals, families, diabetic patients and health professionals.

montméd is a Canadian manufacturer and distributor of high-quality innovative medical devices within the areas of diabetes and self-care. We do not pretend we will reinvent the wheel but we want to make sure we offer “simple and unique innovations that make a difference” in people’s lives.

Being close to diabetics made us realize how impactful the disease could be. Not only on their bodies but also on their quality of life. So we decided to distribute products designed to make diabetes management as easy as possible and free people from daily worries related to diabetes management.

From injection devices to preventing side effects, our goal is not only to address the medical aspects of diabetes but also to empower people by awareness and education to lead healthy lives.

You have caught on: our passion for the people we serve is at the core of our activity. Our corporate values set us apart and are our key strength.

  • Quality commitment: our products are at the cutting edge. Precision engineered using the latest materials. Quality is strictly inspected at every stage of the manufacturing process to make sure to provide superior quality care.
  • Accessibility: We want to make sure our products are available to a larger number of people. This is why we have implemented a responsible pricing policy and work very hard to obtain wide reimbursement of our products.
  • Innovation: We aim at developing or importing innovations with real clinical and concrete relevance. The idea being: exploring new paths could help improve patient outcomes and our standard of living.
  • Proximity: Whether it is with patients, health care professionals or business partners, we cherish the relationships we share. We believe we always learn from one another and we value the contribution that each is making.
  • Simplicity: Because small comforts can really make a difference in people’s lives… as long as they are relevant.
  • Social engagement: We do have at heart to make a difference in the diabetes field. But also in the communities we live in, in the world we will leave as an inheritance. In our own way – as individuals and as a company – we jump in any initiative that will help us all live “life without limits”.
  • Good spirit: It is not because we are dealing with serious issues that we have to be grouchy. Whenever you will meet montméd’s team, the atmosphere would always be cheerful.
  • Openness on the world: Our headquarters are in Montreal, Canada. montméd is already active in Middle-East, North Africa and North America and we have great ambitions in Europe. Our core team speaks more than 5 languages. What else can we say?

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montméd Factory

With production facilities in Europe, North America and Asia, in addition to our talented R&D experts, montméd manufactures a wide range of high quality medical devices and self-care products approved for sale in Canada and in compliance with all regulatory requirements.


montméd also provides global distribution and marketing services for other medical equipment firms to allow them to unlock new markets and achieve new distribution routes for their products, specifically in Canada, Middle East and North Africa.

By studying the market opportunities, conducting surveys, plan and implement appropriate strategies for each market and taking care of regulatory/registration affairs, montméd is a reliable partner for world-class manufacturers. montméd has a wide distribution network consisting of wholly-owned subsidiaries, sister companies or third-party distributors which covers pharmacies and healthcare shops, especially in MENA region. In addition, our strong relationship with health professionals, clinics, healthcare centers and different healthcare associations is another strategic strength.

We are partnering with dynamic and innovative companies that know what they are talking about and provide original and superior supplies or services.

By doing so, we aim at giving millions of people, worldwide, access to the latest innovations and modern technology based tools on the market.

Thank you for your continuous trust!