Montmed introduces SiteSmart™ pen needles, an upgraded version of Coloured pen needles leading to intuitive site rotation

"Change Colour, Change Site"

“Change Colour, Change Site” ™

Montmed introduced for the first time the new SiteSmart ™ pen needles at Canadian Diabetes Association annual congress where more than 500 diabetes educators and pharmacists received information and samples of the product.

Montmed received the advice of 10 Canadian key injection technique expe

Short educational message "Change Colour, Change Site" combined with SiteSmart pen needle colour association leads to intuitive diabetes injection site rotation.
Montmed introduced for the first time the new SiteSmart ™ pen needles at Canadian Diabetes Association annual congress where more than 500 diabetes educators and pharmacists showed interest in the intuitive method to improve diabetes injection site rotation. 

rts and created a new version of Coloured Pen Needles called SiteSmart ™. The product uses the principle of association plus a simple educational tagline “Change colour, change site” ™ as an intuitive way to rotate the injection site.


Why “change colour, change site” ™?

According to Canadian and global injection technique guidelines, people with diabetes should rotate their injection site to

  • Keep injection site tissue healthy
  • promote better insulin absorption
  • better-control blood glucose


Value for pharmacy retailers

Pharmacy retailers can deliver value in 15 seconds and offer an extra level of care to their valuable clients when dispensing SiteSmart pen needles. Because of lack of simple tools, site rotation counselling was not previously feasible at a busy pharmacy counter. Now with the help of SiteSmart ™ pen needles, pharmacies can offer this service in a condense educational message “Change colour, change site” ™


What are main differences of SiteSmart ™ pen needles with previous version?

  1. Knowledge & expertise. SiteSmart ™ is the outcome of advice and insight received from key Canadian injection technique experts
  2. Simpler, SiteSmart has simpler body maps and injection charts as well as intuitive educational tag line “Change colour, change site” ™.
  3. Customization, with the help of the injection plan template and free coloured stickers provided in the box, the patient or the pharmacist can customize an injection plan.
  4. Aligned with new injection technique recommendations (FIT, forum for injection technique)

For more simplicity the product number, pseudo DIN and reimbursement information remains unchanged.

Diabetes: Let colour come in with montKiddy!

montméd launches the first range of colored pen needles, specifically designed for young people with diabetes.

When it comes to pen needles, manufacturers have been working hard to constantly improve comfort of injection and reduce the pain by fostering a smooth penetration of the skin. However, in the recent years, there has not been any other significant innovation in this field.

montméd decided to go further and to bring pen needles beyond injection alone.

The result : montKiddy. A unique, state-of-the-art and universal pen needle, available in 4 colours, which provides a smooth, comfortable and almost painless injection.

In the first place, brightly colored pen needles and friendly boxes aim at helping to reduce fear of injections and play down the issue of diabetes and its related treatment. But that’s not all.

Patients – whether they are young or older children – now have a new option to personalize their daily self-care routine. The colour of the needle can be used to develop a site rotation program, avoid confusion when multiple pens are used while encouraging and monitoring needle changes. Those are key conditions – among others – for the efficiency of the injection, to make the shot less painful and facilitate skin’s healing.

Health care professionals will find a new high quality product to offer to their patients. With montKiddy, simple daily care protocols become more visual and easier to remember.

Parents of a kid living with diabetes now benefit from a new asset to integrate game to injection time and reduce the burden of diabetes in the children’s everyday lives, as much as possible. By giving him the responsibility of choosing the colour of pen needle he wants to use, it is possible to encourage positive self-care behaviors without imposing any risk on diabetes management. montKiddy can also serve as a starting point for dialogue within the family.

Entertaining and educational tool, landmark, memory aid or dialogue facilitator, it’s up to anyone to find the use that works best for them.

Goodbye medical-looking boring pen needles. Meet montKiddy!


Back from Diabète Québec…

Between November 21st and November 22nd, more than 400 health care professionals were attending Diabète Québec annual congress in Quebec city.

Montméd was there too with our complete range of diabetes and self-care products.

Once again, Timesulin – the smart replacement cap, DiaClin skin care products and montKiddy coloured pen needles were in the spotlight and aroused a keen interest.

photo 1 (2)

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montméd welcomes you at MEDICA 2014

We are very pleased to advise that montméd will participate in MEDICA in Düsseldorf Gremany, from November 12th to 15th, 2014.

MEDICA is the center of attraction for all those involved in the health care industry. Over 130,000 visitors from 120+ countries are expected to obtain information on all the current and future trends in patient care.

Professionals of the health care industry have (at least) 2 good reasons to meet our team on that occasion:

– Get an upclose look at our new exclusive product:Montkiddy

Have you ever wondered what pen needles would look like in the Future? Well, montméd has!

We realised injection time could be so much more different. A little funnier and way more colourful.

That’s what people, especially children with diabetes, have been waiting for!


– Enjoy lectures from Paul Madden

Accomplished author and speaker Paul Madden, Senior Director of Wellness, Diabetes/NCD in

Global Health for Project HOPE – member of ADA, AADE and Joslin Diabetes Center –

will be giving lectures on following topics:

Psychological challenges in supporting children with diabetes : innovative solution by montméd

Living with diabetes and getting the most out of life!

Living well with 50+ years of diabetes: what we have learnt

For more information on business opportunities and products, contact your regional manager or send an email at


Montméd launches 4 new products focused in diabetes management in Canada

Between October 23rd and 25th, 2014 montméd was attending the Canadian Diabetes Association Annual meeting to present its complete range of diabetes and self-care products.

photo 3 photo 5

Among them, healthcare professionals had the opportunity to discover 4 new products that can make a significant difference in people’s lives.


  • MontKiddy:

Montkiddy provides an overview of what pen needles may look like in the future. We are proud to introduce our easy to handle, universal, micro thin colored pen needles for children. Offering comfortable and almost painless injection, the 4mm needles have ultra-thin needle walls for a better/faster insulin flow.

The pen needles come in 4 different colours to add a little fun to injection time, help identify insulin pen easily, be used as memory aids to make sure needle and injection zone have been changed.

Use possibilities are infinite.




  • Timesulin:

Timsulin is a smart replacement cap for prefilled insulin pens that shows how long it’s been since you last injection. No settings needed, no button to push or change in your routine, you just put it on your pen and it starts counting. With Timesulin, forget your worries and be safe. No more accidental doubled or missed injection.


  • DiaClin:

DiaClin is a skin care product line based on a natural, patented, polysaccharides complex. It helps treat dry, itchy and vulnerable skin and prevents infections. The advanced formula, free of chemicals and allergen, optimizes skin’s condition and restores its moisture balance. Suitable for all skin types but especially designed for people with diabetes, DiaClin offers a cooling direct relief.


  • mySugr:

mySugr is a smartphone application that empowers people with diabetes to tackle the challenge of taming their diabetes monster each and every day in a fun educational way.

Logging their data, they can reach their daily point goal and get to choose what to enter, how often, and in what detail. They get smart, real-time feedback! The monster reacts to entries, the home screen shows at a glance how the user is doing and monster taming analysis report are sent weekly.

mySugr help diabetics to push themselves with fun and easy challenges that provide them with a way to track their progress on a specific aspect of their monster taming routine. Concise PDF reports provide all the data logged for the last two weeks or three months, in full color, all nicely presented for expert’s eyes.

mySugr will be offered for free with any purchase of montméd’s product (value of 20$).


Montméd obtains reimbursement of Timesulin, the smart insulin pen timer cap, by major insurance companies in Canada


Montreal, August. 26th, 2014 – 9 major insurance companies in Canada approved the reimbursement of the Montméd Timesulin under “standard group policies that include coverage for diabetic supplies”.

When it comes to diabetes supplies, innovations are often accused of having very little clinical relevance. But Timesulin happens to answer a real medical need.

Fitting most of insulin disposable pen on the market, Timesulin shows how long it’s been since your last injection. One advantage being, indeed, preventing from missed or double insulin doses. Very easy to use, Timesulin starts automatically once it is put back on the insulin pen after an injection. There is no settings or complicated handling needed. Therefore, it enhances safety and eases daily worries for diabetic patients.

According the 2010 Novo Nordisk Gapp study (conducted among almost 3,000 physicians and patients in 8 countries), more than four in 10 people with diabetes say they struggle to effectively control their blood sugar either it is because they forget a dose, fail to take their insulin treatment properly or double their dose. Also, 67% of patients taking insulin are concerned about experiencing a hypoglycemic event in the future.

From a public health perspective, the disease and its treatments can lead to a variety of short-term and long-term complications such as infections, slow wound healing, cardiovascular disease, vision loss, kidney failure, nerve damage, problems with pregnancy, oral disease and so on. Those health issues, as well as diabetes management itself, result in reduced quality of life, work limitations and higher risk of early death. They also greatly increase the need for health care resources and the economic burden of diabetes for society.

Widely used, Timesulin cap could help avoid hypo or hyperglycemic episodes and related complications and reduce future diabetes-related expenditures.

By securing reimbursement for Timesulin, Montméd and insurance companies have shown their understanding of the complexity of care in diabetes and their commitment to diversify the ways to make diabetes management simplermake diabetes management simplermake diabetes management simpler.

“For Montméd, having Timesulin reimbursed by benefit plans was a matter of equality. Since public healthcare coverage in Canada is rather uneven across the country because it is within competences of provinces and territories, we wanted to ensure accessibility to Timesulin for as many diabetics as possible because it can really make a difference in their lives.” Gino Henry, General Manager of Montméd for Canada.

Timesulin’s reimbursement has been approved by:

Great West Life                                                             Empire Life

Manulife Financial                                                         Standard Life

Sun Life Financial                                                          Equitable Life

Industrial Alliances                                                         Desjardins

Medavie Blue Cross