Diabetes: Let colour come in with montKiddy!

montméd launches the first range of colored pen needles, specifically designed for young people with diabetes.

When it comes to pen needles, manufacturers have been working hard to constantly improve comfort of injection and reduce the pain by fostering a smooth penetration of the skin. However, in the recent years, there has not been any other significant innovation in this field.

montméd decided to go further and to bring pen needles beyond injection alone.

The result : montKiddy. A unique, state-of-the-art and universal pen needle, available in 4 colours, which provides a smooth, comfortable and almost painless injection.

In the first place, brightly colored pen needles and friendly boxes aim at helping to reduce fear of injections and play down the issue of diabetes and its related treatment. But that’s not all.

Patients – whether they are young or older children – now have a new option to personalize their daily self-care routine. The colour of the needle can be used to develop a site rotation program, avoid confusion when multiple pens are used while encouraging and monitoring needle changes. Those are key conditions – among others – for the efficiency of the injection, to make the shot less painful and facilitate skin’s healing.

Health care professionals will find a new high quality product to offer to their patients. With montKiddy, simple daily care protocols become more visual and easier to remember.

Parents of a kid living with diabetes now benefit from a new asset to integrate game to injection time and reduce the burden of diabetes in the children’s everyday lives, as much as possible. By giving him the responsibility of choosing the colour of pen needle he wants to use, it is possible to encourage positive self-care behaviors without imposing any risk on diabetes management. montKiddy can also serve as a starting point for dialogue within the family.

Entertaining and educational tool, landmark, memory aid or dialogue facilitator, it’s up to anyone to find the use that works best for them.

Goodbye medical-looking boring pen needles. Meet montKiddy!