Coloured Pen Needles

Our unique Coloured Pen Needles have built-in educational usages. They allow to create and implement a Personalized Injection Plan (PIP) to avoid complications of repeated injections in the same site, such as scar tissue or lipohypertrophy.

  • 4 colors of pen needles in each box:
    • Can be used as memory aids and teaching tool
    • Improve injection site rotation
    • Motivate needle change
    • Help initiate dialogue between the family
    • Empower and involve patients in decision making
  • Universal Needles: Compatible with 100% diabetes pens on the market
  • Ultrathin Needle Wall: Better and faster insulin flow
  • Easy to Handle: bigger wings on outer cap
  • Micro Thin Needles: (4mm – G32)
  • Comfortable and Almost Painless Injection:
    • Triple-sharpened
    • Electro-polished
    • Silicon-coated
    • Smooth surface

Patent pending.

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