First Coloured Pen Needle For Easier and More Visual Diabetes Care Program.

  • 4 Different Colours In Each Box.
  • Fits All Insulin Pens In The Market.
  • 4mm G32 Micro-Thin Needles.
  • Easy to Handle.
  • Comfortable and Almost Painless Injection
  • Ultrathin Needle Wall for Better and Faster Insulin Flow.
  • Approved For Sales In Canada.

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Colored Insulin Pen Needles

BRING COLOUR INTO YOUR LIFE!  Colored pen needles come in 4 different colors.

Easier and More Visual Diabetes Care Program
The Colored pen needles have educational values. Needle colors can be used as memory aids to make sure pen needle and injection zone have been changed after each Insulin injection. You can assign a color to each injection time to monitor needle change. Colored needle can also improve injection site rotation, one can assign  a color of needle to each part of body and develop a site rotation program.

Reduce the Burden of Diabetes in children’s Daily lives.

The Colored pen needle come in 2 different packaging. One has been specifically designed for kids and young adults living with diabetes.

Parents of kids with diabetes can benefit from colored pen needle to integrate game to injection time. By giving the kid the responsibility of choosing the color of pen needle, it is possible to encourage positive self-care behaviors without imposing any risk on diabetes management. montKiddy can also serve as a starting point for dialog within the family.

montKiddy Bright colored pen needles and friendly boxes aim at helping to reduce fear of Insulin injection and play down the issue of diabetes and its related treatments in Children.



Create Your Personalized Injection Program! 

Example PIP

Consult your healthcare professional to Assign a color and time to each injection site.

For example lets see a personalized injection plan for a person who usually inject 4 times a day:

In the Morning: Color of the needle would be Yellow and injection site would be Upper arms.
– At Noon: Color of the needle would be Green and injection site would be Abdomen.
– In the Afternoon: Color of the needle would be Pink and injection site would be Upper thighs.
– At Night: Color of the needle would be Blue and injection site would be Buttocks.

montKiddy pen needle fits all Insulin pens in the market. Here are some examples:

Novo Nordisk: FlexPen®*-Levemir®*-Novolog®* Novolog Mix 70/30®*-NovoRapid®*-Protaphane®*-Victoza®* Novolin-Pen®3*-Novolin-Pen® 4*-Novolin-Pen®Junior*

Eli Lilly: KwikPen™*-Humalog®*-HumalogMix 75/25®* MEMOIR™*-LUXURA™*-LUXURA™HD* HumalogMix  50/50®*-Humulin®Pen*-HumaPen®*

Sanofi: Solostar®*-Lantus®*-Apidra®*-ClikSTAR®*

Autres: AutoPen®*-BerliPen®*


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