Montméd launches 4 new products focused in diabetes management in Canada

Between October 23rd and 25th, 2014 montméd was attending the Canadian Diabetes Association Annual meeting to present its complete range of diabetes and self-care products.

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Among them, healthcare professionals had the opportunity to discover 4 new products that can make a significant difference in people’s lives.


  • MontKiddy:

Montkiddy provides an overview of what pen needles may look like in the future. We are proud to introduce our easy to handle, universal, micro thin colored pen needles for children. Offering comfortable and almost painless injection, the 4mm needles have ultra-thin needle walls for a better/faster insulin flow.

The pen needles come in 4 different colours to add a little fun to injection time, help identify insulin pen easily, be used as memory aids to make sure needle and injection zone have been changed.

Use possibilities are infinite.




  • Timesulin:

Timsulin is a smart replacement cap for prefilled insulin pens that shows how long it’s been since you last injection. No settings needed, no button to push or change in your routine, you just put it on your pen and it starts counting. With Timesulin, forget your worries and be safe. No more accidental doubled or missed injection.


  • DiaClin:

DiaClin is a skin care product line based on a natural, patented, polysaccharides complex. It helps treat dry, itchy and vulnerable skin and prevents infections. The advanced formula, free of chemicals and allergen, optimizes skin’s condition and restores its moisture balance. Suitable for all skin types but especially designed for people with diabetes, DiaClin offers a cooling direct relief.


  • mySugr:

mySugr is a smartphone application that empowers people with diabetes to tackle the challenge of taming their diabetes monster each and every day in a fun educational way.

Logging their data, they can reach their daily point goal and get to choose what to enter, how often, and in what detail. They get smart, real-time feedback! The monster reacts to entries, the home screen shows at a glance how the user is doing and monster taming analysis report are sent weekly.

mySugr help diabetics to push themselves with fun and easy challenges that provide them with a way to track their progress on a specific aspect of their monster taming routine. Concise PDF reports provide all the data logged for the last two weeks or three months, in full color, all nicely presented for expert’s eyes.

mySugr will be offered for free with any purchase of montméd’s product (value of 20$).


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