Insulin Syringe (1ml – G31)


Sterile Insulin Syringe

(1ml – G31)

Each box contains

100 Syringes + 10 Magnifying Lenses

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montmed insulin syringes (1ml – G31) are equipped with magnifying lenses to give you comfortable and almost painless injection as well as precise and secure dosage.

  • Easy To Use:
    • Magnifying lenses (10 included)
    • Graduated scale with half units (0.3cc only)
  • Safe: Minimizes the risk of improper dosage
  • Comfortable and Almost Painless Injection:
    • Triple-sharpened
    • Electro-polished
    • Silicon-coated
    • Smooth surface
  • Ultra-thin Needle Wall: Better and faster insulin flow
  • The Thinnest Needle: 31G equals to 0.25mm in needle diameter that is the thinnest among all world-class insulin syringe manufacturers.
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montméd syringes & pen needles are covered by provincial health care and reimbursed on all plans that include coverage of diabetic supplies.
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